Raft station Zernsdorf

Location :Undinestraße 1, 15712 Königs Wusterhausen
Investor :Aquare Charter GmbH
Period :2016 - 2017
Statics :Niehues Winkler Ingenieure
GFA :638 m²
Services :Draft Design, Permit Application, Detailed Design, Shell Construction and Expansion Work, Supervision, Interior Design

The client's task was to design a building that was as efficient and user-friendly as possible. The organizational processes should be separated from those of the customers, while taking place in parallel.
The priority was to ensure that the customers of Aquare Charter GmbH ran smoothly and comfortably. This means that the entrance, reception and catering area are centrally located, while storage rooms and organizational units are located behind the system. The reception connects all usage units and thus provides an overview of the building.
The dining room has about 25 seats. Here visitors and jetties can buy snacks or drinks, cook themselves and let the evening end. In the summer months, the business is relocated to the terrace. A handcart and bike rental offer the opportunity to explore the area by land. Parts of the sanitary area are also accessible from the outside at any time and can be used by the ship's jetties.
Two bright apartments are planned on the semi-public upper floor of the house, which, with their southern exposure and wide lake view, provide an optimal holiday experience.
With this facility, Aquare Charter GmbH is developing a new position for its bungalow boats, for which 30 berths are initially planned. The facade and exterior design is based on such a “BunBo” and is unmistakably the home port of the boats. At this point the yacht club can be called “mother ship”. Due to the wide range, it is not only the mother ship of the boats, but rather of the entire region.
Here the yacht club functions as a lively and usable meeting space for different interest groups. The building will be constructed using a wooden frame. The expansion, such as stairs and windows, is also planned out of wood. Light oak parquet is intended as the floor covering.