Cottages in Brodowin

Location :Brodowin
Investor :Privat
Design :Flacke + Otto Architekten
Period :2012
Services :Shell Construction and Expansion Work, Supervision

The new vacation houses catch the eye instantaneously, with their special appearance that combines a flair оф good design with proportion and choice of materials. Located on the outskirts, the houses mark the transition from the city to the countryside. The houses are built on flat meadows, and turn their living side to adjacent field and forest.

The buildings follow in their spatial training the individual wishes and needs of the clients, and offer home décor with additional atmospheric value: they offer a place for relaxation and an opportunity to be surrounded by landscape, to which the carefully placed openings are matched. In their modest size, they exude privacy and cozy comfort.

Both buildings are proportionate to their location: in their independent physical expressiony, they immediately engage into dialogue with its context, the surrounding nature. The design of these vaction, uses the wishes and ideas of the client as a starting point, and integrates them into a self-understanding architectual design. The result is a coexistence of open and private spaces, of access and seclusion, of walls and openings in a small volume.

Cubus Projekt LTD. was also responsible for the construction and the fhinishing, special care was taken to assure quality and ecological construction value. Natural building materials, as wood and clay plaster, were used. The green roof surface ensures high level of thermal and sound isolution, protects the inner isolation from the wheather, binds dust, while providing more habitat for plants and animals.This way of ecological construction fits well the project like a glove, and takes into consideration the location and the environment.