Refurbishment and conversion of the listed business building Halberstadt

ResidentialAktuelle Projekte
Location :Breiter Weg 13, 38820 Halberstadt
Investor :Privat
Period :2018 - 2019
GFA :3075 m²
Services :Grundlagenermittlung, Vorplanung, Draft Design, Permit Application

The building was built in the 1930s as a commercial building. As one of the only buildings on its street that survived the Second World War. It has been used commercially since its construction. Until the turnaround, office space was housed on the upper floors. Over the years, some renovation measures have been carried out, such as installing an elevator and renewing the facade on the ground floor.

The building is located in the center of Halberstadt, directly on the Breiter Weg sales street. It is accessed from the Breiter Weg pedestrian zone to the south. At the rear there is a courtyard on the property, which is used to deliver the market on the ground floor. This is accessed through the Lichtwerstrasse. The entire building has a full basement and is built in solid construction. The facade consists of stamped concrete blocks and is under a preservation order. It is divided by a large number of large window openings with multiple rung subdivision and is characterized by a horizontality due to the grouting of the stamped concrete blocks.

The ceilings and the staircase are solid. In the attic there are dormer windows on three sides. Inside, the building is divided into smaller rooms. The walls are primarily lightweight.


The building is to maintain its original use as a department store on the ground floor. The upper floors are to be converted into apartments. The apartments should appeal to a student target group. A subdivision into the tenant's cellar is planned in the basement.

The following conversion measures relate to the 1st floor, 2nd floor and attic. The ground floor remains in existence. It will only be checked for fire protection requirements and upgraded if necessary.

In order to adapt the building to the new use, the floor plans are to be reorganized. This is done with the greatest possible preservation of the inventory and little intervention in the facade. A necessary corridor opens up the residential units on the right and left, which consist of a room with kitchen and bathroom. On floors 1 and 2, 4-5 residential units are planned, on the top floor 3 residential units. There is one apartment on the top of the corridor. The walls are made in dry construction. Partition walls are made solid or with soundproof drywall. The ceilings are partially suspended to create an installation level. The sanitary facilities and the electrical system will be completely renewed. The existing dormers in the attic cannot be used due to their high parapet height. The expansion of two large and one smaller dormer is planned, which should ensure sufficient lighting and ensure the second escape route. The dormers take on the structure of the facade, but should stand out from the historical stock in contemporary material.