New construction of three apartment buildings

ResidentialAktuelle Projekte
Location :Heinrich-Heine-Ring 22, Wandlitz
Investor :Auric Grundbesitz GmbH
Period :2017 - pres.
GFA :12000 m²
Services :Grundlagenermittlung, Vorplanung, Draft Design, Permit Application

The property of the new buildings is located in Basdorf, Brandenburg. In the surrounding area are mainly 4- to 5-storey apartment buildings in prefabricated construction. The construction of three multi-family houses in solid construction is planned.

The design concept sees the property as a block that is broken up from the inside. The resulting three buildings are separated from each other like fragments of a large block and form green courtyard situations in between. The facades inside the "block" are characterized by their rhythmically broken design, which is intended to emphasize the character of the "fragment".

On the street side, the buildings retain their linear shape of the block and thus take on the formal language of the surrounding buildings. Nevertheless, a clear demarcation from the rather monotonous environment should arise and a reference should be made to the irregularity of the courtyard facades. This is done by rhythmically arranging the loggias or the windows facing the street. In this way, the buildings become three-sided and the viewers are always surprised when walking around the buildings.

The buildings each have a floor area of ​​around 780 square meters. A total of around 100 residential units are planned with apartment sizes of 40 - 100 square meters in 1- to 4-room apartments. One of the buildings has a basement. In addition, several barrier-free residential units are planned. The storey is staggered between four and five storeys. The green spaces created between the buildings create recreational areas for the residents. Due to the different apartment sizes, a mixed user group is addressed.