House on Fischmarkt

Location :Am Fischmarkt 3, Wolgast
Investor :Fischmarkt 3 Gbr
Period :2012 - 2013
Statics :Niehues Winkler Ingenieure
GFA :873 m²
Services :Project Development, Draft Design, Permit Application, Detailed Design, Supervision, Shell Construction and Expansion Work, Interior Design

The historic firehouse at the port, a jewel of the ducal residence of Wolgast was, for many years a "Sleeping Beauty". A well-functioning urban meeting place with a restaurant, apartments and multifunction rooms for the city is created by remodeling and expansion. The single-storey brick building was enlarged with a modern and sustainable timber construction. The new construction distinguishes itself from the old building trought contrast of materials. Its homogenous plaster facade contrasts the existing masonry, old and new are clearly recognizable.

The outer walls of the old fire station were statically upgraded and restored. The facade facing brickwork with its breakdown elements such as pilasters and moldings preserved carefully, and supplemented, if necessary. According to the new use of the existing window and door openings were glazed floor to ceiling. As new intermediate floor a brick ceiling was installed, which is just as easily as the wooden beamed ceilings of the stock, but has advantages in terms of fire, sound and thermal insulation. A new two-storey high entrance hall was formed on the street side, with access to the new restaurant, the auditorium, and the upper-floor with the apartments. All rooms offer direct view of the water: the nature of the port building remains palpable.

The new upper-extension is designed as a wooden construction, with the use of high thermal,  environmentally friendly insulation on the support level. The construction is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
It is home to six guest apartments with different geographical orientation. It can accommodate up to 26 guests. Each apartment offers living and sleeping area, a private bathroom and a small kitchen. Trought full-height glazing of the apartments a balcony with panoramic view over the harbor can be accessed. The continuous balcony also serves as a passive sun protection for the wide windows overlooking the harbor.

On the ground floor, the restaurant seats up to 36 guests; it can be supplemented by additional outdoor seating in front of the water. A free-standing in the room bar and a three-sided fireplace characterize the guest room.
The adjacent multi-purpose room can accommodate up to 100 seats. It is connected by large glass doors to the restaurant and can be switched in case of need. Kitchen, storage and toilets are summarized between the restaurant and the multipurpose room in a selected body which organizes the mediation between the two.