Refurbishment of a listed Kummerow manor house

ResidentialAktuelle Projekte
Location :Schulstraße 32, 18442 Kummerow
Investor :Baltic Memorial KG
Period :2016

The manor house, built in 1870, is located about 15 km west of the city of Stralsund with a direct connection to the B105. Adjacent is the castle, which was only renovated in 2012, when new living space and exhibition areas were created.

The two-story building is divided into three different structures: main building, west wing and connecting wing. The main building has a basement and consists of a brick ground floor with symmetrically arranged windows. The upper floor, also the attic, is part of the spacious purlin roof with a double chair. On the north side of the roof there is a central gable which is centered, bordered by two small dormer windows.

The west wing with its mansard roof lies directly on the property boundary. The windows facing the street were almost completely bricked up. The connecting wing is also a two-story brick structure, but with a gable roof. Part of the ground floor still shows the remains of a massive vault. The ground floor was probably increased. Wooden windows were installed in the inventory, which are still present with a few exceptions.

The almost completely empty manor house is supposed to wake up to new life next to the castle and provide low to medium standard living space for the Kummerow community. With private open spaces in the form of roof loggias and ground floor terraces, the manor house fits in with the contemporary living style. For optimal use of space and on the basis of conscious handling of the existing building, duplex apartments are created in the west wing and connecting wing.

The floor plans are optimized with minimal intervention. Three 3-room apartments, two 1-room apartments and 4 maisonette apartments will be created. The bricked-up annex in the east is being restored as a veranda. Terraces are created in the outside space, which cautiously fit into the existing structure. The entrance porch in the corner situation between the main building and the connecting wing is dismantled and replaced by a new entrance situation.

The top floor of the main building and the west wing are largely gutted and newly zoned, so that more spacious and modern floor plans are created. Below are two 3-room apartments and three 2-room apartments. New skylights and three roof loggias are cut into the roof skin and thus provide better lighting for the apartments. The dormer windows on the north side are being renovated complying with the regulations for historical monuments. Roof loggias were deliberately chosen because they do not jump out of the building envelope and respect the cubature of the existing roof.